Wednesday, June 9, 2010

We Got to See Claire

It was a very brief visit, but Darren and I got to see our girl!  They are still getting her settled in her room and it is VERY busy with Drs and nurses, but it was wonderful to see her.  She is puffy but she looks beautiful.  God is good!!


  1. I commented this on your facebook but I will say it again. It's great when you can see them and even better when you can finally hold them. You just sit there and stare at them and it amazes you to think of what they just went through.They are amazing and very strong.

  2. YES HE IS... so great to hear. Praise God for all His goodness.

  3. Hooray! So glad it went well!

  4. I hope as I write this you are now able to be in the icu room with her!!! I am so happy Claire's surgery was such a success!!! (I am happy for you guys that it is over and now she and you all can get on with the business of recovery and LIFE without a heart surgery hanging over your heads!)


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