Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Getting started

Claire had a great night last night.  She got a bath, a bottle and went to bed early.  She slept like a rock and hardly moved all night.  I got her up for a bottle around 3:30.  She ate great and was back asleep within an hour.

This morning she was taken to the OR around 8:30 to get her access lines in.  The nurse was just in and let us know that they are almost ready to get started.  They are doing the internal echo and as soon as that is done the will make the incision.

Thank you again for all of your email, comments and prayers!


  1. thinking of you guys and saying prayers for claire's surgeon, the nurses, the anesthesiologist, claire and everyone involved in healing claire's heart! i am sorry to hear the bloodwork was such a nightmare - we went to have whitney's blood drawn yesterday and had a lot of trouble too... i remember going through a lot of trouble w/ getting lines in and getting blood out of whitney when she was in the hospital (sick) and when she had her ohs.
    hoping to read a good report soon about the surgery!!!!!
    sending hugs and positive thoughts your way!!!

  2. You are in our prayers. Stay strong and we will continue to look for updates.

  3. I keep hopping back and forth between the blogs and facebook looking for updates. Thanks for doing such a great job at keeping us prayer warriors updated. Hope you are doing okay too!!

  4. Praying for little Claire...waiting to hear when she gets out.

  5. Praying for Claire and her surgical team that surgery goes well (without incident). And sending ((HUGS)) of comfort and lots of positive energy your way!


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