Thursday, March 7, 2013

Happy Birthday Bridget!

Happy Birthday Bridget!!

Wednesday is my day off, and papa was out to play with the girls yesterday, so we decided to have Bridget's cake a day early.

She was not too sure about the candle.  Claire, on the other hand, was super excited so she got to blow it out.

First taste

Claire ate more cake at Bridget's birthday than she did at her own!

Bridget had to pause in the middle of cake eating to sign 'dad' and then shoot him a smile!

Signing 'all done'

Bridget got twin babies for her birthday.  I hoped this would help by giving them each one to play with, even though one of them has been designated as Bridget's, and we don't make her share that baby.

Happy Birthday sweet girl! 


  1. first I did not think she liked the cake, but by the end, I was sure she did. Happy First Birthday Bridget.

  2. The cake pictures are adorable! I still can't believe she is one already, where did this year go!!!

  3. Yes! Cake smash! Good girl! Hope she had a good one! Love the pictures of the girls with their baby dolls!


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