Friday, December 30, 2011

Seven Snippets Fridays, #1

--- 1 ---

I love this blog, and most especially the friends I've made through it.  However, I haven't made the time taken the time to keep up with it like I really want to.  So, in an attempt to be a better blogger, I'm going to try some new things.  I'm not sure that adding features, like this post, will help, but a for a procrastinator like me a deadline is always a good thing!  I'm also going to try the 365 project this year.  A picture a day posted on my new blog.  I may be getting in over my head....

--- 2 ---

If you are part of the Down syndrome/adoption community on Facebook, you've probably seen this video of Mia's story posted many times.  If you haven't seen it yet, please watch it.  This is a segment that ABC World News did on Mia's adoption from the Ukraine.

Hidden Angels: American Families Saving Children With Down Syndrome - ABC News

This link includes the video and the more in depth article.

--- 3 ---

The end of the year always means 'best of' lists, and the highlight of these lists for me are the best books lists.  I'm not going to point you to the publishing world's best of list, but rather a blogger who has never let me down.  When I need any kind of book recommendation, especially audio, I look to Sandy.

The Best of 2011 - Books
The Best of 2011 - Audiobooks

--- 4 ---
Last Christmas...

--- 5 ---

Claire had a repeat swallow study and hearing test a few weeks ago that I neglected to blog about.  The Ped at the Ds Clinic wanted another swallow study as he thought she still might be aspirating, even though, as I understood, we were cleared for thin liquids with the study about 6 months prior.  They couldn't get her to drink very much (always the story for our swallow studies), but they didn't see any aspiration or penetration, so we are cleared again for thin liquids.

Claire also had another booth hearing test done, as she wasn't responding to some frequencies last time.  Maybe she just had a cold, because everything checked out perfectly with this test.

That means all of her two year appointments are finished except for her well checkup and her thyroid and iron blood work.
--- 6 ---

My pregnancy is just flying by.   30 weeks tomorrow.  Once again I love being pregnant, but this time around has been such a different experience.  I know a good chunk of that is the lack of complications, some of it is also 'been there, done that'.  (There's a whole blog post in me on this subject...)  We have our 3D ultrasound later today and I can't wait to see our little one again.

--- 7 ---

I hope that this new Friday feature will mean that I'm actually posting here at least twice a week.  A big thank you to Andi for hosting (the link to her awesome blog is below).  If you don't know Andi, definitely stop by for a visit.  One of my favorites is her Kelle Hampton post.

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  1. Exciting you get to see your little one in 3D!


  2. Oh Melissa I heart you. That is so sweet of you to mention me. Good Lord I am not necessarily the word on books, but I always have an opinion! This is a fun meme, and allows you to give us the scoop on whatever. I love it. And I really look forward to the pregnancy blog post. My days of procreating are over I think but I will never forget what it was like to carry life inside me.


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