Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Dr appts and daycare

I look pretty tired in this picture of us from Valentine's Day, but I don't have very many of Claire and I. I always seem to be behind the camera, so this one will have to do for now.
Claire had her one month well baby check up and her one month cardiology appointment last week. Both appointments went very well. She weighs 7 lb 1 oz and both doctors were very happy with her weight gain. The cardiologist echo'ed her heart and said it looks great. There isn't any enlargement at all. He said he won't echo her next month, but will do a chest x-ray instead to make sure her lungs still look good. They will continue to monitor her growth, but at this point the Dr is optimistic that we can push her surgery back to 4-5 months of age if her weight gain continues at this same rate.

On the daycare front we found a great situation for Claire. The gal we found recently left her job and has been staying home. Her kids are older (middle school and high school) and she wanted to have a baby around again. She was initially looking for a couple of kids, but when we explained Claire's heart condition she was fine with just taking her. We spent 2 hours at Carmen's house getting to know her and she was great with Claire. She has a beautiful and spotlessly clean house and is reasonably priced. We feel *very* blessed to have found her!

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  1. That daycare situations sounds perfect! I love the pic:)


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