Thursday, March 21, 2013

World Down Syndrome Day (and a bite sized blog hop)

Today is World Down Syndrome Day (3/21 for 3 copies of the 21st chromosome), so today we are celebrating.  We are proudly wearing our blue and yellow. I want people to ask about Claire, to ask about Down syndrome.  To learn what is true, and what just simply isn't.  Today I am joining in a bite sized blog hop to spread truth, and a little cuteness too.


My life is different from yours.

Yep, it is.  But not because of Down syndrome or Claire.  My life is different from yours because we are different.  No two people walk the same path, or have the same experiences, and while Down syndrome may have sent us on a different path, different is by no means bad.  Claire is an amazing, independent, funny girl and I am proud to be her mom.


People with Down syndrome are always happy, and such sweet little angels.

I know this myth has been shared so many times, but it is the one I hear all the time from people outside the Down syndrome community, so it apparently needs to be shared again.  People with Down syndrome experience all the emotions that any other person does.  Happiness, sadness, frustration.  Claire is proud when she works hard and accomplishes a goal.  She is sneaky when she is trying to get away with something.  She is both loving and a bully with her sister.  Claire is a person, just like you and I.



  1. love this post!

    you nailed the first one with such graceful simplicity as well.


  2. Such a sweet picture of your two angels! I am a much more educated person since you have had Claire, and I love that. (And I saw that the little one will soon be walking!!! Woo hoo!)

  3. Love those shirts. I kinda wish the "always happy" was the fact, lol.

  4. Very nice Melissa! Love the picture too! Such beautiful girls!


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